My daughter just received her class ring and we are blown away. The quality and design of the ring is beautiful and she loves how big and sparkly the stone is. It was much nicer than we expected. We know it’ll be something she will treasure for the years to come. Thank you!


Maria G.
Los Alamos High School
Los Alamos, NM



National Recognition Products has set themselves apart from all competitors. NRP brings a passion for providing the highest quality championship ring product that is unique to each school. At Mallard Creek High School, we had a vision for our Nationally Ranked Football Team Championship Rings and 4A Track & Field State Championship Rings. NRP helped bring that vision to a reality and exceeded our wildest expectations. Mallard Creek High School is not just another client for NRP. They treat us as if we are family, and make sure everything is perfect. NRP is part of the Mallard Creek community, and we are thankful to call them a "Partner" on our campus.


Phillip Davanzo III
Athletic Director
Mallard Creek High School
Charlotte, NC



I ordered my class ring from National Recognition Products, but had a lot of trouble choosing what I wanted it to say. The representative at the school was super helpful and showed me all of the options they had, and even took the time to call the plant while I was standing there to see if they had a design that wasn’t in the catalog.  I was a little worried, but once I got the ring I realized he helped me make the right choice. Thank you for the extra personal service.


Meghan D.
A.L. Brown High School
Kannapolis, NC



I graduated 5 years ago and got a class ring as a gift from my parents. I recently lost a lot of weight and my ring no longer fit, but I still wanted to wear it – so I called NRP to see what I could do. They told me that my ring actually came with a lifetime warranty and that I could just send it in to get resized at no charge! I was surprised that even though I had graduated, they would still take care of my ring. I got it back quickly and not only did it fit, but it looked almost brand new. Thank you for standing behind your product!


David M.
Pine River-Backus High School
Backus, MN



National Recognition Products did an amazing job with our Championship Rings! At Myrtle Beach High School, Championships are the standard, and NRP was able to create a unique design which represented our seventh State Championship in school history. NRP's design, service, and quality made all the difference to MBHS.


Mickey Wilson
Head Football Coach
Myrtle Beach High School
Myrtle Beach, SC



I am writing to express my gratitude toward your company. This is our first year ordering through National Recognition Products and we couldn’t be happier. Our daughter loves her new fashion ring! It was such an easy process ordering the ring for her-most of the time these things are such as a hassle-but NRP really did a wonderful job taking care of us. Thank you!


Paula A.
Mission Bay High School
San Diego, CA



I graduated last year and ordered myself a class ring, but over the past year I noticed some stones were getting loose and looking like it was about to fall out, well one of the stones finally fell out, and I was so bummed. I called your company and told them about the situation and they said they could fix it at no charge! I was shocked-I was fully ready to pay a lot of money to replace the lost stones. After sending it in to be repaired, I received it after only few weeks and it looks good as new! I fell in love with my ring a second time, thank you so much!


Pam B.
Bangor High School
Bangor, MI



I have only positive things to say about National Recognition Products. My oldest son graduated 4 years ago and we ordered his class ring from a different company that only gave us headaches. They sent us the wrong ring that took a year for them to get their mistake corrected. So with my youngest son graduating now, we were worried about having the same thing happen again. Thankfully, we couldn’t be more wrong-the ring designs were crafted beautifully. We ordered online and the process was so simple, we had no problems. We received the ring after a few weeks and it was perfect, just the ring we were hoping for! Thank you more making this graduation a success!


Cindy W.
Dublin Coffman High School
Dublin, OH



I would like to praise your customer service team-I had many, many questions when I was ordering my fashion ring-I was so nervous that I wouldn’t get the one I want. So when I went to order it, I called National Recognition Products to help me through the online ordering process…that way I could describe exactly how I wanted it to look. The person I talked to was outstanding-she walked me though step by step how to order and even gave her own suggestions and opinions on rings and stones, she made me completely trust her opinion. And now after receiving it quicker than I expected, my ring is just the way I wanted!! It’s big and beautiful, and I am so glad I ordered through your company.


Becca J.
Gunter High School
Gunter, TX



I’ve worn my high school class ring for about 6 years now and everyday when I go to the gym I keep it in a locker. About a month or so ago when I went to grab my stuff my ring was nowhere to be found. I was very angry until I remembered the warranty I had on my ring-but I was still worried that it wouldn’t apply to me since it had been several years. After explaining the situation and what happened I was thrilled to find out they would be sending me a replacement ring. A few weeks later I got my ring back and it looks better than I would’ve thought.


Carson J.
Mustang High School
Edmond, OK



My daughter ordered a class ring and when she received it she absolutely loved it, but it was too small. We accidentally clicked the wrong size online and she was devastated. Since it was our mistake we weren’t sure if you would be able to replace it. I called NRP and was shocked to find out you would be able to resize the ring at no extra charge! After getting the ring back again, we were happy to see it fits just right and she loves it even more now.


Terri K.
Randallstown HS
Baltimore, MD